Tried doing my own poses…haha I need help I have no idea what I’m doing these poses look so unnatural :P


Ballpoint pen sketches…

Ballpoint Sketch

I’ve always loved drawing, ever since I could remember and even beyond that, I’ve seen pictures of me clutching a fat crayon and scribbling away with joy and abandon. As I grew up though, art took a back-burner to an innumerable amount of things in my life, and now I want to really get into drawing again.

Since I’m an avid doodler in class, I decided to give ballpoint sketching a go, which turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. I found it difficult to be unable to erase anything, that once a mark was made on the paper, you had to somehow incorporate it into the picture. Also control over how much pressure to use was a learning curve. But I love how fast it is, how unfinished it looks, rough around the edges yet it is a finished product all on its own.

This was actually supposed to be a self portrait…it quickly became evident that it wasn’t going to end up looking anything like me :)