Soooo, I haven’t posted anything in about a week…oops :P

I’ve been really busy with midterms and such and mostly because I wanted to work on watercolors (since I got my little field set :D) and I had to wait until the weekend to get watercolor paper from the local art store.

And then when I got there I didn’t realize that watercolor paper came in pads of 12 sheets which I thought wasn’t going to last me because I was planning on just practicing a lot and I was hoping for more paper (watercolor paper is so expensive!). So then I saw the Canson XL mixed media pad that said it was good for acrylics, watercolor, and pen and pencil. So I thought great! It came with 60 sheets and it was a good price so I bought it…

Watercolor was such a fail on this paper. It buckled and the water streaks stayed and ughhh it was just awful. So suffice to say, I will never be buying it again, but I guess I just didn’t realize what mixed media meant.

So I borrowed a sheet of paper from a friend :)

I didn’t really know where to start so I just followed a Youtube video to practice.

I don’t think watercolor is really my thing… or I just need A LOT of practice haha :)


One thought on “Sigh…watercolor…

  1. I’ve always wanted to take up water color painting! I know I wouldn’t do very good. Yours are amazing! They look so beautiful! :D

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